A Party Bus for your next event

Have you traveled on a luxurious transportation service before? Whether you have one or not. Let us introduce you to our Lacoochee Party Bus, the best choice for renting entertainment vehicles for your special events. Get a complete immersion in a party experience with us.

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Spacious party bus interior
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28 passengers party bus
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15 passengers party bus

Do you think that a party bus service is expensive? Not with us. Our specialized transportation company provides striking prices for our elegant vehicles. No matter if your group of guests is big or small, we will consider your specific situation to determine a great deal.

A party bus is not only a way to have exciting rides but a decision to stand out from others. Don't settle for an average party time; you deserve insane tons of fun on every special occasion.

Superb amenities just for you

If you want to have fun, a party bus is the one. For the perfect amenities, you won't need to look further for a car service that only gives rides through the city. We offer vehicles with amazing flat-screen TVs, a powerful sound system, and incredible soft couches. Our limousines have stunning designs for elegant events like weddings or prom parties. In the interior of each limo, you will discover a sumptuous atmosphere of neon lights, leather seating, and a charming minibar for your drinks. Invite how many friends you want to enjoy a celebration they are in our party buses with various capacities. Check our catalog of vehicles to decide which services suit you the best.

Transportation services in your area

Your party plans in Florida should honor the always-sunny state of Florida. That's why any special occasion is a reason to organize the best parties with friends. Many cities in Central Florida are ideal for paying visits on pleasant trips with loved ones. Our wide service area covers your trips to nearby places like Wesley Chapel, San Antonio, Winter Garden, Dade City, Shady Hills, New Port Richey, and more. Make sure to ask for your place of residence. Remember that no matter where you stay or plan to celebrate, Lacoochee Party Bus is eager to be your reliable rental service.

group canoeing in the river
Party in the parks

A trip to Lacoochee is better with the company of your family. To entertain everybody, pack in your vehicle enough food, extra clothes, and camping elements to stay in Withlacoochee River RV Park. Prepare to practice your sporting skills canoeing like a real team player. On the way home, take a shuttle bus for a perfect ride with a few people. There is no excuse to start dreaming in the diversion.

complete diversion
Have fun at Tampa Bay

Visit Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay, 1 hour from Lacoochee. Getting a fantastic party bus that shouts diversion on the road could be an ideal transportation method for Busch Gardens. When customers ride on a party bus, they get a similar feeling as riding a rollercoaster, pure and unique adrenaline. However our party buses are as fun as safe, no other car service guarantees both things.

friends on their bachelor party
Let loose on your celebrations

You don't need to be a social butterfly to properly celebrate your bachelor/bachelorette parties. If you are looking for excellent amenities and sleek features in your vehicle, we are the answer you need. Hire our spacious limo buses to get entertainment in every corner. Feel free to prepare a bigger party for a crowd; our larger vehicles accommodate 50 passengers.

Luxurious vehicles for your special day

Your special occasions can become a reason to constantly stay in the party vibe. Why? Because anywhere you see it, our party bus service is ideal for celebrating your upcoming wedding. Your one-lifetime ceremony will be even more memorable by using a luxury limousine to arrive. There are a thousand options to make your special day extraordinary, but only one transportation option to live it in the best way.

Now that you are in Tampa, go to the many stadiums around the city; there is no better place to relish the sporting events of your preference. Choose a small-sized service if you are traveling with friends, or select our coach buses for a full seating capacity. Many options of vehicles can be found online, and still, we are the best you can choose to enjoy your games on time.

Our luxury transportation is not exclusive to crazy fun moments; we are experts in giving relaxing executive trips. Some companies prefer us to transport their employees to corporate events using our charter buses. But even the individual rides are incomparable with our airport transfers, comfy models for your departure.

Relaxwith our fair prices

Get the party started from the moment you book your service. You will be glad to receive attentive customer service that considers your needs, preferences, and current situation to provide an economical service. The affordable price of our vehicles reflects our commitment to our customer's ease. We use this method mainly to help them save money for future trip expenses.

One of the aspects we consider to determine your party bus price is the location you need in our very expansive service area. Feel free to contact us, but remember that hiring us is a guaranteed blast on the road! Don't fret; the service includes total covering your trip to your destination regardless of the distance.