Our 15 Passenger Party Bus makes the perfect addition to your next adventure.

  • Passengers: 15
  • Models in Fleet: 1
  • Features: Leather seats, hardwood floor, booming audio system

Take a ride in our beautiful black party bus for up to 20 passengers. You'll love traveling in this vehicle the next time you're enjoying a bar hopping experience or tour of the Tampa area.

  • Passengers: 18-20
  • Models in Fleet: 1
  • Features:Leather seats, beverage bar, dance pole, hardwood floor

If you want a gorgeous stretch limousine, then our amazing Hummer H2 limo for 20 passengers is what you need. This limo has a moder interior with fun amentities and has a gorgeous black exterior is gives it a classic look.

  • Passengers: 20
  • Models in Fleet: 1
  • Features: Beautiful lighting, leather seats, great stereo, DVD player

This is the perfect mid-sized party bus. The custom limo-style leather seats offer superior comfort for guests. If you want to bus a move, there's gorgeous wood floors to dance on and even a dance pole! You can even pour a drink at the built in beverage bar!

  • Passengers: 26
  • Models in Fleet: 1
  • Features: Leather seats, wood floor, beverage bars

Our 28 Passenger Party Bus is a mid-sized vehicle option for your next birthday celebration, sporting event, or Tampa concert!

  • Passengers: 28
  • Models in Fleet: 1
  • Features: Dance Pole, Televisions with DVD player, hardwood floor

This 30 Passenger Party Bus is our personal favorite options, and it's the most popular. We think it's pretty easy to see why that is!

  • Passengers: 30
  • Models in Fleet: 1
  • Features: HD TVs, comfortable seats, dance pole, laser lights

If you're hitting the town you need this party bus. Go to a sports game, bar hopping, celebrate a birthday, or anything else on this awesome 32 passenger party bus! All you need to celebrate is on board!

  • Passengers: 32
  • Models in Fleet: 1
  • Features: Leather interior, large Tv's, bluetooth sound system, neon lights

Here's our 34 Passenger Party Bus. This party bus is the best option because it has a spacious interior with ice filled bar areas, televisions, and neon lights.

  • Passengers: 34
  • Models in Fleet: 1
  • Features: Several TVs, DVD player, laser lights

If you have 38 passengers or just want a little extra room to a smaller group, then this is a great option! This party bus has a gorgeous custom interior with leather seats, a 5000 watt Bluetooth capable stereo system, CD player, four TVs, and a PS4! You'll be entertained all night on this one!

  • Passengers: 38
  • Models in Fleet: 1
  • Features: Led lights, leather seats, great sound system, dance pole

Here's our largest 40 passenger party bus for all types of events ranging from weddings to drunken nighs out.

  • Passengers: 40
  • Models in Fleet: 1
  • Features: Dance pole, neon lights, Tv's, stereo system

One of our largest buses is our 39-42 passenger bus. This bus a full custom interior that includes leather upholstery, colorful disco and laser lights, two dance, poles, and even an on-board restroom! You'll have a great party on this deluxe bus.

  • Passengers: 42
  • Models in Fleet: 1
  • Features: HD Tv's, DVD player, great sound system, cooler for beverages