Incredible Party Bus experience

Have you heard about a luxurious transportation service that is affordable and effective? Our party bus company is the tea in everybody's mouths. Do you want to know more? Keep scrolling down.

We are not a company like others. We offer excellent services for every guest in any area from Tampa Bay. When a customer rents a party bus or a limousine, we guarantee three fundamental aspects: affordable price, luxurious amenities, and guaranteed fun moments!

The best way to get your party started is to enjoy the great amenities and glamorous spaces in each vehicle. Invite your friends and family and relish together while you have a special event on wheels. Great memories await. What are you waiting?

opulent wide party bus exterior look
Party bus for 18 passengers
interior neon atmosphere of our party buses
Luxurious party bus interior
shuttle service
Party bus for 15 passengers

Any great party experience gets better with the appropriate conveniences. Although you have a party mood on every special occasion, your guests will want something new, something innovative that shouts endless diversion. Become the heart and the soul of the party, arriving on a party bus to gag everyone. Lucky for you, we provide a fantastic alternative for those traditional parties that everyone wants to change.

When your guests get on a bus, the first impression will be astonishment. Our luxurious amenities include high-quality devices such as flat-screen TVs, sound systems, and DVD players for amusing party atmospheres. The comfortable leather different-sized couches are for small, middle-sized, or larger groups. If your next event is for a few people or a family trip, choose a vehicle for a small group. A shuttle bus is ideal for those specific needs, while comfortability and relaxation are assured. More thrilling rides can take place in our services of party buses. For moderate-sized groups for corporate events, your only concern will be making an enjoyable time for everybody. However, if you need a bigger crew, choose a motor coach bus rental, which is excellent for outstanding sporting events. Never mind how you see it, our transportation service is a perfect alternative for your traditional rides in Tampa, FL.

Expect endless party times

Do you want a splendid trip on a party bus but don't know where to begin? Chill out; we are here to cover both your transportation needs and information for your journey. If the reason to be in the city is for business, we are experts in turning any event into a party. Hire our charter buses to make your corporate event a moment to remember with your co-workers. However, taking a car service from the airport could be a boring and tiring experience for our travelers. To solve this issue, we provide airport transfers with the best date models that will always ensure pleasant rides. Now that you know what you can get with a party bus service, start planning your itinerary.

carousel attractions and memorabilia in riverview
Get the carnival and festive mood

On weekends, a great tour through Tampa starts with a coastal ride on our bus rentals. Take a cultural trip to Showmen's Museum in Riverview, at 5 minutes by car. Explore the historical heritage of carnivals in North America with incredible spaces for kids and adults. Enjoy the festive atmosphere of the museum, knowing that your ride back home will be a party too.

ideal trip plan for children in zootampa, florida
A wild bus trip for wild locations

A must to plan with family, or friends is paying a visit to ZooTampa at Lowry Park. Located at the center of Tampa Bay, the zoo is open for educational tours and relaxation times next to nature. A wildlife tour would be incomplete without a well-deserved relaxation time in other exciting places, restaurants, and open parks in Tampa. Don't wait until the vacation break; an enjoyable trip awaits!

luxurious limousines as wedding transportation
Make your special day unforgettable

When it comes to talking about an upcoming wedding, our company gets ready to fulfill your expectations. Get a top-notch limousine service that shows the elegance that such an event requires. Don't look for a single flower when you have the whole bouquet with us! Start living your fantasy of a perfect wedding day without concern about specific transportation details.

A perfect vehice for your special events

A remarkable fact about our party bus rentals is that any celebration gets bigger whenever a customer chooses to have a party with us. Some current events are designed to be experienced on a party bus service. Think about how exciting bachelor and bachelorette parties are enjoyed aboard a party bus where all the amenities are enough to keep everyone amused. Tempting right? Our luxurious service also covers your celebrations no matter how big your crew is. A larger group of friends or a big team can choose to travel on our coach buses, optimal vehicles for long or short trips.

Throw a party blast with us and start vibing with the most incredible service of party buses in Tampa, FL.

Exciting plans in our service area

What about a nice trip through the surrounding areas of Progress Village? Start a wonderful tour on a party bus Apollo Beach, Lake Magdalene, Bayshore Gardens, Orient Park, South Pasadena, South Highpoint, Longboat Key, Treasure Island, West Samoset, Channel District, Palm River-Clair Mel, Palm Harbor, Safety Harbor, Lake Park, Pebble Creek, Town n Country, Gulf Gate Estates, East Lake, Pinellas Park, Shady Hills, Sun City Center, Ybor City. Rejoice with friends from other places and create special bonds with people all over Florida. Call us for information about our very expansive service area if you don't see your city listed.

Economical alternative for your transportation needs

Our transportation service is specialists taking care of our customer's pockets. Renting our party buses and limousines services allows you to save money while you have fun in a luxurious vehicle. No other service in Tampa Bay or Central Florida offers an affordable price with an efficient pricing method as we do. Additionally, we work with the best drivers and chauffeurs to provide a complete comfortable and safe experience. Trust in our service for turning your ideal parties into actual celebrations at the reach of one click. Contact us and receive a free quote!